Lifespan is a range of premium natural supplements that is sold internationally, with a focus on the products’ New Zealand origins.

We developed the brand, plus packaging for a series of products, and created a clean and contemporary business-to-business (B2B) website. The client particularly requested an emphasis on the beautiful natural landscapes of New Zealand, and a focus on their investment in freeze-drying/CO2 extraction technologies.

Packaging is a very precise and technical area of design; every square millimetre is valuable and contributes to overall success. Our experience with print gives us the skills and contacts to navigate the wide range of materials, finishes and techniques available to come up with designs that are consistent, high-quality and affordable. In this sector, there were also a number of legal requirements to work with.

“Our clients love the new packaging – thanks so much for all your work on this!”

To make sure we provide support materials that are useful to sales teams, we always consult them prior to designing anything, to fully understand their needs and what they find works well for their clients. For Lifespan, we devised a range of brochures and stationery, as well as exhibition stand graphics for various trade shows around the world, liaising with suppliers in each country.

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