The Education Hub – website and marketing project



The Education Hub is a charity that shares academic research with early childhood and school teachers to improve educational outcomes in New Zealand. We are passionate about helping this client on their journey.

We were commissioned to review the organisation’s existing website and to suggest how the user experience could be improved to help reach a wider audience. After six months of research and development, we relaunched the site with a completely new architecture and bespoke functionality. By reorganising the way the resources were catalogued and presented on the site, we have helped the client create a really valuable and easy-to-use library of resources that teachers in New Zealand and around the world return to time and again.

“We have gone from less than 1,000 users to OVER 25,000 REGISTERED AND ENGAGED USERS on the site”

The organisation has now extended into a range of paid-for online courses, and we have implemented the course materials within the site, alongside sophisticated payment structures, online forums for participants and certification.


The site has been built within a robust feature-rich WordPress framework, heavily customised and now on a dedicated server for stability and security. 

We maintain oversight across all materials – monitoring consistency of approach, providing additional graphic resources wherever needed and identifying ways to improve the user’s experience of the site.


Communication with the audience has been key throughout our work, and we have established  a clean and well organised database, as well as a clear ongoing communication schedule. Constant monitoring of traffic enables us to make sure the site responds to its audience’s needs and helps us to identify what resonates with the audience.

While the client manages their own social media feeds, we have helped them to create a clear look and structure to that, for an experience that is consistent in tone and quality with the site.

“Thank you so much for everything you do. I simply can’t imagine The Education Hub without you.”

All this gives users trust and has helped to make The Education Hub a respected authority in educational research provision.

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Our passion for not-for-profits

We are particularly passionate about providing outstanding service and value to our not-for-profit clients. Where other agencies might give this kind of work to their juniors, we strive to produce exceptional work to help these organisations in their mission to effect real change.

The Education Hub is one of these project, and we are committed to continuing our partnership with this outstanding organisation.