Seven Oaks School & Preschool

This independent school and preschool in Christchurch has a unique and insipiring philosophy, and we’ve worked with founder Bruce McIntyre for several years to help communicate this to prospective families.

Asking parents to invest in a new way of schooling was a tough sell in the early days, but the client has done an outstanding job, pushing through the Canterbury Earthquakes and shifting to a new campus in Halwsell in 2018. We were determined to stand by them, and are delighted to see the school is now flourishing. The Seven Oaks philosophy is now proven and we have helped to communicate the school’s outstanding results through its website, advertising, signage and open days.

“We love working with you guys. You really know your stuff and you take time to listen carefully to us. You give us honest, creative, practical advice that is proving to be highly effective.”

Our passion for not-for-profits

We are particularly passionate about providing outstanding service and value to our not-for-profit clients. Where other agencies might give this kind of work to their juniors, we strive to produce exceptional work to help these organisations in their mission to effect real change.

Seven Oaks School has a philosophy and vision we really believe in, and we are committed to continuing our partnership with this pioneering and inspiring client to help them achieve their goals.

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