Ronald McDonald House South Island

We have worked with Ronald McDonald House a number of times over the past few years, producing designs for annual reports, websites, and newsletters.

A fundraising campaign we designed, run in coordination with The Press,  raised over $250,000 and won two global awards.

Working with a global brand always involves a sympathetic application and interpretation of the organisation’s guidelines, and this is something we are very familiar with, having worked with other large operations such as American Express, Crocs and Hennessy. Rather than constraining our approach, it often guides our work and gives us a framework to build upon.

Our passion for not-for-profits

We are particularly passionate about providing outstanding service and value to our not-for-profit clients. Where other agencies might give this kind of work to their juniors, we strive to produce exceptional work to help these organisations in their mission to effect real change.

What the client says
"I cannot speak highly enough of Murray’s expertise, professionalism and passion. His creativity matches his understanding of what is needed for a not-for-profit to be effective. The first newsletter he designed for us [for Ronald McDonald House South Island] raised more money than the previous four combined. He also brainstormed an innovative corporate campaign that was recognised for excellence internationally. I sincerely recommend Kopara to anyone who wants quality, creativity, results, a collaborative partnership and, just as importantly, people who are a pleasure to work with."